• NEW INC Y8 Demo Day

    Spring 2022

    Artist Talk

  • Algorithmic Art Assembly

    Spring 2022

    The Blessed, The Cursed, and The Blursed

  • STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon

    Spring 2021

    Open Source Software Toolkits for the Arts, p5.js Editor

  • GitHub Satellite

    Spring 2020

    Creative Coding in p5.js

  • Eyebeam Digital Day Camp

    Summer 2019

    Creating Digital Instruments in Max/MSP

  • Expo '74 2019

    Spring 2019

    Getting Started with Node For Max

  • Processing Community Day

    Fall 2017

    A p5.js Web Editor for all


  • CCFest, Keynote and Workshops

    Spring 2017, Fall 2017

  • ITP Camp, Workshop

    Summer 2017, Summer 2016

  • Codeland, p5.js Workshop

    April 2017

    I have fans

  • Code Art Miami, Keynote and Workshop

    March 2017

  • Software Sketchbook in p5.js, Workshop

    August 2016

    A weekend workshop class introduction to programming in p5.js. In collaboration with Emily Xie.

  • Art x Code, Workshop

    July 2016

    A week long class teaching teenage girls about art and code. We taught them how to make games in Scratch, introduced them to 3D and Unity, and introduced them to virtual reality and Tilt Brush. In collaboration with Pioneer Works and Made with Code - Google.


  • Alt-AI, Visualizing Neural Networks in Virtual Space, Artist Talk

    May 2016


  • MVR, Talk

    March 2016

    A talk about user experience design in virtual reality.

  • Software for Artists Day, Talk

    December 2015

    Hanging out in the Metaverse. A talk about the history of virtual reality.