• Cofounder, Girlfriends Labs

    Girlfriends Labs is a creative agency that specializes in websites, apps, installations and emerging techniques. We build tools to problem solve and create seamless experiences.

  • Engineering, Cycling '74

    Cycling '74 makes tools for sound, graphics, and interactivity. Max/MSP is an indispensable tool for creating interactive, audio/visual applications.

    Projects include MiraWeb and Xebra.js, a tool for multimedia artists to control Max/MSP while performing.

  • Lead Developer, p5.js web editor

    p5.js is an creative coding library for making interactive and generative visuals and sounds. As part of their ongoing effort to bring programming to a wider and more diverse audience, the Processing Foundation and NYU ITP wanted to create a p5.js editor for the web. Goals for the project include making a beginner friendly environment, creating a tool for teaching, and making web accessibility a priority. It is an open source project.

  • Band member, Lullabies for AI

    Lullabies for AI is a musical project by three weirdos (Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Cassie Tarakajian and Eamon O'Connor) who worked together at an applied AI lab on Wall Street before realizing they should just be a band.

    They create music to soothe and educate our future AI overlords who need some psychic chill as much as the next neural net.