• Engineering, Cycling '74

    Cycling '74 makes tools for sound, graphics, and interactivity. Max/MSP is an indispensable tool for creating interactive, audio/visual applications.

    Projects include MiraWeb and Xebra.js, a tool for multimedia artists to control Max/MSP while performing.

  • Creator and Lead Maintainer, p5.js Web Editor

    p5.js is an creative coding library for making interactive and generative visuals and sounds. As part of their ongoing effort to bring programming to a wider and more diverse audience, the Processing Foundation and NYU ITP wanted to create a p5.js editor for the web. Goals for the project include making a beginner friendly environment, creating a tool for teaching, and making web accessibility a priority. It is an open source project.

  • Adjunct Professor, NYU ITP

    ITP is a two-year graduate program located in the Tisch School of the Arts whose mission is to explore the imaginative use of communications technologies—how they might augment, improve, and bring delight and art into people's lives.

    Currently teaching Introduction to Computational Media.